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31 December 2037 @ 02:05 am
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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26 November 2014 @ 02:54 pm
First off, I'm James. To those who doesn't know me; I'm Kathy's husband.

I'm the one who deleted her account. Reason is, I personally don't think she could use her accounts any more. She got into accident, again. And it's pretty bad. How bad you may ask? She couldn't recognise me or remember our years being together. She struggled to remember her own mother. It's that bad. And we're struggling to help her recover.

I deleted her account primarily to not make you wait for her updates. Turn out when I was about to delete her dA account, I saw a comment from one of her followers. So, I'm gonna leave her accounts alive. But don't expect any updates. I doubt that she still has whatever she planned to write in her head now. Not now at least. Sorry. 
22 September 2014 @ 01:35 am
LOL. Yeah. I'm busy with works and stuffs so that's the reason of my lack of GazettE fanfic.

Also them.

Hahahahaha I'm caught up in another fandom and have a hard time concentrating on GazettE when these dorks literally run around my crazy head begging for attention and shutting my imaginary GazettE up.


I seriously need to stop shipping everyone with everyone. Like seriously...N, why u so cute and uke? Leo and Hongbin, why so adorable? Ravi and Hyuk, stop being adorable babies...And Ken....ASDFGHJJKKLLLL Just stop being dorkily sexy and funny.

Dannng...somebody make me stop fangirling these dorks... (And stare at Ken's ass...HAHAHAHA)
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07 September 2014 @ 06:43 pm
Title: Broken

Pairing:  KaiXReita

Chapters: 1/1

Rating: PG-15

Genre: AU, Romance, Angst

Length:  2861words (all)

Warnings:  Mental disorder, bully….err…FemaleUruha…IDK…

Disclaimer: Too bad, I don’t own them. This is just pages of lies filled with my imaginations.

Summary: After a decade since he broke Kai’s heart, Reita finally met the brunette again. He planned to mend things with Kai but will Kai ever forgive him?

Comments: Something random following my sudden angst obsession…


Reita's world could never be darker....Collapse )

A/n: Don’t know if I should resume this or not. Vote. Second chap or use your imagination to imagine what happen next? Either they’re happily ever after or Reita was found dead the next morning?
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Title:  The Life of Chaotic Prince

Pairing:  KaiXReita

Chapters: Prologue

Rating: NC-17 overall

Genre: Crossover, Fantasy, Smut, AU, Humour, Romance

Length: 1 999  words

Warnings: Yaoi love, uke Reita, Kuroshitsuji casts butting in…

Disclaimer: Hell yeah I own them; if you stupidly believe this page of lies. xP

Summary: Once in a future time, in a land far away, there is a prince. Spoiled brat he is with his even spoiling butler clad in black that makes his attitude worst as the time grown. Unable to withstand his infamous attitude, his father sent him away to a faraway land. Never did the king realize that he could screw the teleportation machine too much that his son ended up in a parallel universe instead.

And the young prince with his smirking butler didn’t expect to land in strange time setting; with an unamused Lady Phantomhive glaring at him.

Beta: None

Comments: Below, dear readers.



First crossover posted!!Collapse )
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Title:  20 Reasons I Am the Seme

Pairing:  KaiXReita

Chapters: 5/20 – Theme: Fan girls

Rating: Varies, from PG to NC-17

Genre: Drabble/Short fics – combination of all genre I can use

Length: 700  words

Warnings: Yaoi love, uke Reita, I dunno what else….xD

Disclaimer: Hell yeah I own them; if you stupidly believe this page of lies. xP

Summary: Just drabbles/short fics about reasons Kai is the seme and not Reita. Yeah, I am a hard Kaita shipper, and Kai is always the seme. Deal with it.

Beta: None

Comments: Below, dear readers.

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“I hate you.”

Kai blinked stupidly at the sharp remark and stared back at Reita’s glare. Sometimes he did wondered if the submissive part Reita held in their relationship had caused the other man to somehow experiencing PMS every month. Honest to god! In the most random time in the month, Reita would come up to him and either said something odd or acting very, very out of character. Kai doubted it that he would be surprised if Reita indeed was having period during those times.

Okay…That was weird. Shut your trap before Reita heard this and killed Kai.

“I really, really hate you….”

Sure. Kai would take Reita’s words seriously if only the blonde didn’t show that pout.

That CHILDISH pout.

For fuck’s sake, Rei….You’re an adult grown man! Stop tempting me with that pout!!

Kai sighed patiently. “May I at least know the reason of this sudden hate?”

Reita sneered, his gaze flicked up and down Kai’s body. “Because of you.”

“Pardon me?” Of course Kai was even more confused at that statement.

This time, Reita refused to reply but kept sneering at Kai anyways.

Which this then made Kai to be officially and royally frustrated.

“What had I done wrong?!” The drummer was all but hissed in frustration and annoyance.

“Oh joy. Another idiots arguments….,” Ruki’s not amused comments made the couple simultaneously glared at him. Being awesome vocalist he was, Ruki dismissed the glare with an uninterested roll of his eyes. “Seriously, Kai. Are you that oblivious?”

“What did I do to deserve this hate?” Kai almost whined now. He was not used of getting hates you know? Not from Reita at least! Teasing and minor bullying, yes. BUT NEVER HATES.

Ruki sighed, wondering briefly why he even worked with these two idiots. “Go look at the mirror, Kai…”

“Huh?” Kai was more confused; if that was even possible.

Reita grimaced detestably, glaring at Kai with what the drummer could assume as hatred and a hint of jealousy.

“Look at the mirror, moron…,” Ruki practically hissed and wondered how many of brain cells actually working in Kai’s head right now.

“For what—?”

“Look and compare. Then tell me one good reason why Reita shouldn’t be jealous that the fan girls scream for you more than him,” Ruki stated matter-of-factly, looking even more not amused than he was a few minutes ago. “Ever since you expose your inner beast Kai, your fan girls number shot up and made you the top of the rank. Not that I care or jealous of that anyway~”

Kai was dumbfounded.

Reita grimaced wider, crossing his arms sulkily across his chest.

“That’s it??” The drummer shouted in disbelief.

His fan girls number was the one causing Reita’s sudden hate to him?

“That’s it,” Ruki confirmed monotonously.

Kai almost banged his head to the wall for that.

Moron…I’m dating a moron….

He shifted his gaze to Reita anyhow, eyebrow cocked in inquiring manner to the flustered bassist. “Seriously?”

“They practically drooled and having chronic nasal hemorrhage, Kai…,” Reita muttered defensively. “I hate it when too many people drooled over my property like they have the rights on yo—!!” He quickly clamped his mouth shut when he realized that he had talked way too much.

Ruki rolled his eyes impassively.

Kai was smirking all too dangerously at that little slip.

Reita is a moron. But an adorable one, so Kai could let this slide….

“Rei-chan~~Jealous here aren’t we?”

“I’m not jelaous!!”

“Suuureee you aren’t~”


Ruki knew better to be very ignorant when the couple started their lovely teasing like this. Wordlessly, the vocalist plugged in his headphone, volume blasted to his satisfaction, eyes well hidden behind his book as he decided he could use a beauty nap while Kai deal with Reita.

Thus, the vocalist fell asleep peacefully, despite the defensive yells, playful teases and everything mature that follows after as he laid there on the couch, ignoring the couple he proclaimed as idiots.

Hey, ignorance is bliss and Ruki will NOT let himself get traumatized again.


Reason five Kai is the seme; he is the sexy beast and we fan girls fancied him a lot…nuff said.


A/n: Hahahahha…I’m trying readers. Trying hard to get my old inspiration back. So please, bear with me!
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02 July 2014 @ 05:46 pm
Title: Hunt

Pairing:  KaiXReita (obviously, duh)

Chapters: 1/1

Rating: NC-17

Genre: AU, Angst, Violence

Length:  2709 words (all)

Warnings:  Violence, murder, no yaoi smut, and a very short one.

Disclaimer: Too bad, I don’t own them. This is just pages of lies filled with my imaginations.

Summary: When two profesional hunters are assigned to hunt each other, who will survive?

Comments: I’m trying to write again despite my real-life hectic business. Bear with me, readers~! No smut, the rating is just for the violence.


XD lolCollapse )

A/n: Lol. There. My half-assed attempt of thriller. Enjoy, lovelies~
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